Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun is one of the main tourist attractions in the world, with many attractions, history, and a variety of activities to do. It is a large city where world travelers must know to enjoy its magnificent beaches, a renowned gastronomic variety, and its greatest attractions: the famous hotels that have been named in many tourist sites.

cancun hotel zone

Like any large city, it is made up of many areas, among which three stand out: Downtown, La Isla de Las Mujeres, and the Hotel Zone. The latter is the one that many people are always looking for because being able to stay a couple of nights in hotels like the JW Marriott, a 5-star hotel of the best, will take your travel experience to another level.

The Hotel Zone is the main tourist area of ​​the city, with a wide variety of locations, buildings, and activities that will keep you busy from the moment you arrive. That is why here we will tell you more about this extensive area, what to do in the hotel zone, the clubs, and other places.

What to do in the hotel zone?

The hotel zone in Cancun has endless activities, both for those who stay in luxurious hotels and for those who decide to take a walk through the busy streets of the place. For those who decide to get up early and enjoy as much as they can without wasting time, they can visit the public beaches or if you are in your hotel, the private beaches.

The size of the hotel zone, of around 20 km, is so wide that it will take you more than a day to visit all the tourist attractions or taste the food of the area in each restaurant that you find on your way. It also has a series of places where you can go shopping, buy a gift for your parents or a gift for your partner, getting many objects characteristic of Mexican culture.

Since you start kilometer 0 of the hotel zone, you will find all kinds of attractions: parks, squares, and some public events held by locals to distract the thousands of tourists who visit them. But at night, life changes a bit, as the clubs in the hotel zone begin to come to life, and the music is heard in the environment. Dances, drinks, and festivities can be seen everywhere, places like Coco Bongo, Hard Rock, Mandala, among many of the best known.

Places to know in the hotel zone

Within this vast area, there are many places to visit, attractions to have fun or learn more about Mexican history. These are some of the most important that you should visit to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

“El Mirador”

When you travel to the beaches of Cancun, you will find an area that many want to visit and take photos of, since the viewpoint is a place famous for its wonderful panoramic view of the sea in the background. A place on a hill that offers you all kinds of services, be they gastronomic, games, parking, but this does not compare to the most attractive of the place: The word Cancun in huge and colored letters that is distinguished from other buildings and that It is always the best photographic souvenir that can be taken from the place.

el mirador cancun hotel zone

El Rey Archaeological Zone

This area is made up of a wide variety of Mayan architecture from pre-Columbian times, which shows in all its splendor the history of the Mayan culture and the past of Mexico. It is made up of 47 structures and it is estimated that it could function as a maritime trade center for the time. Its name in the Mayan language is not known, but its current name is due to a sculpture found in the ruins that indicates the monarch who ruled the place.

el rey cancun archaeological zone

Coral Negro Market

If you are one of those who is always looking for a souvenir for your friends, family or simply to have it at home, this place is perfect. Located in the middle of the hotel zone, it is one of the busiest places when you want to buy souvenirs, since its wide variety of objects with characteristics of the Mexican and Mayan culture, attracts a lot of attention.

coral negro market

Ventura park

The quintessential tourist attraction for family fun, a huge 7-hectare park where you will spend a whole day enjoying its wide variety of attractions. It has a beautiful view of the sea and endless attractions so that each member of the family can have fun without stopping.

It has a total of 7 zones or worlds: Wet’n Wild, the waterslide zone; Aaah-Ventura, an area for those who like an adrenaline rush; FunWorld, special for kids; Grand Prix, where Go-cart racing will keep you up to speed; Underworld!, a place full of the best futuristic technology; Dolphinaris, where the dolphins will amaze you with their actions and you will be able to touch them; and finally the Beach Oh, for the older adults who just want to relax with a refreshing drink.

ventura park cancun hotel zone

Plaza la Isla

Plaza la Isla is one of the best squares that you can find in the Hotel Zone of Cancun and a whole odyssey both to buy products from local, national, and international brands, as well as to take a tour such as driving a jet ski or swimming with dolphins.


The hotel zone is the “beach” part of the city of Cancun and with more than 15 different beaches, both in shades, depths and waves make it perfect for the whole family. Do you want to know which are the 5 best beaches? Click here.

Night clubs

Coco Bongo, The City, Mandala Beach, are just some of the clubs that we can find in the hotel zone and it is necessary to mention that Coco Bongo and The city are 2 clubs that have managed to forge worldwide recognition.

night clubs cancun

Kilometer 0

Although, for some, kilometer 0 is the entrance to the hotel zone, for others it is a place for physical activity, since it has a small park equipped for exercise and many people every weekend go from very early to run, practice bars or even train for some sport.

So if you are a lover of outdoor exercise, this place must be one of the many you have to visit in Cancun.

The hotel zone is undoubtedly the main tourist place in Cancun that houses the best hotels in the city and you have to visit it from beginning to end.

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