Cirque du Soleil Joyá

When booking the tour Joyá: Cirque du Soleil in the Riviera Maya you will witness one of the best shows in the world. The show is about the adventure of a teenager who is lost in the jungle in the magical world of his grandfather, an eccentric search for meaning in life and surrounded by assistants half human and half animal man.

This nightly show in the Riviera Maya is inspired by the migration of the monarch butterfly, showing a world where there is no logic and inhabited by mesmerizing characters working together to immortalize life. Will it be ready to face the protagonist the mission that his grandfather had inherited from his own ancestors?

The tour gem: Cirque du Soleil offers a unique dining experience three times. It starts with appetizers made of organic and fresh ingredients such as seafood and Iberian cured ham. For the main course, attendees can sample Short-rib cuts, the catch of the day, duck breast or vegetarian specialties. It closes with a flourish with delicious pastry that combines traditional ingredients like black chocolate and lemon cream with unique tropical flavors. Dare to enjoy an exciting and imaginative show in which joy, courage and friendship can against everything!




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