Isla Mujeres Diving

Isla Mujeres diving is one of the best-known activities in this part of the Riviera Maya, thanks to a large number of corals found in the area, its barrier reef, and the marine species that inhabit it; This makes this activity one of the best ways to spend your time in Isla Mujeres.

Diving in Isla Mujeres is undoubtedly one of the most exotic activities that you can find in the paradisiacal Mexican Caribbean, immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters and being accompanied by colorful fish, starfish, and even sea turtles is an experience that you cannot miss in your itinerary while you are on the island.

Diving in Isla Mujeres
Learning to dive is an adventure that you can do with the whole family or as a couple, in which you can appreciate the seabed in all its splendor and discover a world that was very close to you. Be captivated by the marine life, the sculptures that lie at the bottom of the sea, or tour impressive sunken ships.

Isla Mujeres is famous for its spectacular diving spots; Its crystalline waters that extend throughout the island are the perfect setting to dive to the bottom of the sea, admire the beautiful marine species that inhabit it, and its corals up to 5 meters high. If you want to know how much it costs to dive in Isla Mujeres or the best places for this activity, continue with us.


Manchones Reef

Located very close to Isla Mujeres, it has a coral bank approximately 12 kilometers long and 700 meters wide. In this reef, you will find beautiful aquatic landscapes that represent a complete paradise for those who enjoy life under the sea.

In the Manchones reef, the Cruz de la Bahía is located; It is a bronze cross that is about 3 meters high and is 12 meters deep since 1994. As part of the founding of Isla Mujeres in 1850, the cross pays tribute to men and women who have perished at sea.

Flag Reef

The main characteristic of this reef is its particular elongated shape. It is located between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, tourists who visit this place dive to a depth of 12 meters to observe elkhorn corals, large crabs, lobsters, barracuda, and especially angelfish.

Museum of Underwater Art (MUSA)

This well-known museum was created in order to reduce the climatic impact on the ocean and thus protect the reefs; in addition to contributing to the marine ecosystem. Its more than 500 sculptures are surrounded by marine fauna and flora, this is undoubtedly an experience that you will not easily find elsewhere.

MUSA has three divisions with different depths and, although different activities can be practiced in all of them, the most recommended for diving is the division known as Manchones, which is 8 meters deep; In it, you can see sculptures such as Anthropocene and a Volkswagen beetle that steals all the attention.

If you have decided to visit the museum, you will surely want to know how much does the entrance to MUSA Cancun costs? You should know that it has an approximate value of $ 195 MXN, you should also bear in mind that many diving companies offer services that include entry to MUSA.

Cave of the Sleeping Sharks

This cave was discovered in the 50’s by Carlos García Castilla, who noticed that sharks entered this place and did not come out again, when he approached the place he discovered that it was a dark cave where sharks went to sleep. From that moment the place earned its name as “The Cave of the Sleeping Sharks”.

It is located just 30 minutes by boat from Isla Mujeres to the place, it is an excellent space to practice diving Isla Mujeres and admire this impressive phenomenon.

Diving Agencies

Being a place with so many spaces for diving, there are several options for diving courses and many diving agencies with years of experience that provide the best services.

Diving House

With 25 years of experience in the diving area, this company specializes in small groups, private tours, couples, and families who are looking for an incredible experience under the sea in Isla Mujeres. At Casa del Buceo you can do reef diving or night diving, they also offer diving certifications. If you want to check their prices, do not hesitate to enter their website.

Cancun Scuba Center

Cancun Scuba Center is a Tourist company with more than 25 years in the market, it is in charge of providing diving and snorkeling services. They are specialists in beginner and experienced divers, they have tours to the sleeping shark’s cave and MUSA. To make reservations and know the cost of their services you must access their website.

Deep life divers

This diving company has 17 years of experience that have given them extensive knowledge of the reefs of the Riviera Maya; their team is made up of highly qualified instructors who focus on the safety of all visitors. They are characterized by respecting and caring for the environment in which they carry out their activities.

Deep Life Divers offers scuba diving at the Underwater Art Museum and scuba diving south of Isla Mujeres. If you want to hire their services, do not hesitate to enter their website and social networks so that you know a little more about their costs and routes.


With the Discovery Scuba Aquaworld package, they offer Isla Mujeres diving tours and snorkeling. You can also participate in diving classes and practice in specialized tanks for this activity. They have a diving tour in MUSA, in the Manchones reef, and night diving. To obtain all the information about their tours and their costs, you can access their website or social networks.


Isla Mujeres is a place full of beautiful and incredible beaches and therefore you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the depths of each one of them practicing diving. Do you want to know more about this heavenly place? We invite you to read about Playa Norte.


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