Isla Mujeres Tours from Cancun

If you are in Cancun and want to know about tours to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, you have come to the right place; Here we will tell you about some of the best tours to Isla Mujeres and what they can offer you; so that you can choose the one that best suits your expenses and budget.

isla mujeres tours

Isla Mujeres Tours from Cancun

Just 13 kilometers from Cancun, Islas Mujeres offers its visitors a totally different environment from its neighboring city, with lots of fun and many places to explore. If you don’t want to miss out on getting to know this magical town, keep in mind that there are several tours to Isla Mujeres that give you this opportunity.

Tours to Isla Mujeres from Cancun

The popularity of Isla Mujeres has grown over time, so much so that it has become practically a mandatory stop for those who are in the beautiful Riviera Maya. Isla Mujeres is a “magical town” located near Cancun, the tranquility of its streets, its beach atmosphere, and incredible landscapes are just some of the reasons that make this place a must-see destination.

There are several ways to get to Isla Mujeres, although you can do it on your own from the ferry terminals found in Cancun; One of the easiest ways and with which you shouldn’t worry about fine-tuning the little details is by hiring a tour that takes you from Cancun to Isla Mujeres and where you only have to worry about having fun.

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Traveling by Catamaran to Isla Mujeres is a well-known activity within the Island, it is even among the first activities at the top of TripAdvisor to do while you are in this place. Cancun is full of all-inclusive tour companies and many other activities that would be more expensive to do separately. However, here we have created a small list with the best tours to Isla Mujeres and how much it costs to go to Isla Mujeres; If you are ready to start your adventure, stay with us.

Cancun Adventures

This company is distinguished by offering various activities, such as adventure tours, gastronomy, culture, and nature activities inside and outside of Cancun. This company is based in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta. The Bahamas and Punta Mita; Although they have a small fleet of boats in Cancun, they have a fairly complete service. In addition, this company has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

The trip with Cancun Adventures begins on board a catamaran that you take in Cancun Adventures at Marina la Armada. Although this company does not have a beach club in Isla Mujeres, once the catamaran arrives at the place you can enjoy various activities, such as guided tourist visits, 2 free hours for shopping on the island, and snorkeling in the beautiful waters of Isla Mujeres.

The tour includes:

Bilingual guide.
Gourmet lunch.
Open bar.
Snorkeling equipment.
Round trip transportation.
The tour lasts 5 and a half hours and has an approximate cost of $ 1,666 MXN for each adult.


This tour company has a fairly large fleet, including catamarans and yachts; they serve in Cancun, Los Cabos, and Cozumel. They offer 4 different options of tours to Isla Mujeres in the more than 20 catamarans that serve within Cancun. The service they provide is very complete; In addition, it is rated as one of the best Isla Mujeres tours from Cancun.

tour isla mujeres albatros

The most famous and recommended tour that Albatros has is known as Isla Mujeres Sailing Platinum, the trip is made through a catamaran that sets sail from the Marina Albatros in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. In addition to spending a relaxed afternoon inside its beach club, and enjoying all the amenities that are in it; You will also have free time to get to know the place or shop, you can snorkel in the coral reef, among others.

This tour includes:

Luxury catamaran.
Coffee break and cookies.
VIP restaurant.
Express check-in.
Lunch buffet.
Light lunch.
Mexican grill.
Open bar in the restaurant.
A glass of wine (red or white).
Open bar on board.
The tour lasts 7 hours and has an approximate cost of $ 129 USD for each adult.

Cancun Sailing

It is a Mexican company that specializes in catamaran tours between Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel. In Cancun Sailing they have 10 years of experience in the tour area that have helped them create an efficient Environmental Education plan and a conservation plan in the areas they visit. Cancun Sailing’s fleet of 26 vessels has the first place in the world of the largest

They have 4 different tour options to Isla Mujeres, but you can also renting your own catamaran or sharing it. The most striking of their tours is the Sailing Experience. Once you set sail from one of the 4 marinas: Marina Chac Chi, Marina Punta Norte, Marina la Armada, and Marina Las Perlas; and you arrive at Isla Mujeres, you can enjoy 2 hours of free time to get to know the island or go shopping. In Cancun Sailing they have a beach club where you will be able to snorkel in the reef barrier of Isla Mujeres.

cancun sailing catamaran

This tour includes:

Check-in (but no transport to the marina).
National open bar on board.
Varied buffet.
Beach club.
This tour to Isla Mujeres from Cancun lasts approximately 7 hours, the cost of the Sailing Experience is $ 1,869 MXN per adult and $ 1,239 MXN for each child. Remember that the price varies depending on the type of tour you choose, the arrival time to Isla Mujeres is at 10:00 am, and return to Cancun at 5:00 pm.

If you don’t have enough time to vacation in Isla Mujeres, taking a tour is one of the best ways to do it. Well, these tours will take you to the main tourist areas of Isla Mujeres, to enjoy this magical place.

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