Low season in Cancun

In the tourism industry, there are two seasons: High and Low. The High season is when the number of tourists usually increases in large proportions, making the hotels get full and their occupancy can reach up to 100%. In the opposite case, the Low season is one in which its occupancy ranges between 60% and 70%, that is, the number of tourists decreases a lot and few will travel at that time to enjoy a vacation.

The low season is a time when hotels in Cancun tend to invest, remodel and repair any matter related to their services since, having a lower number of tourists, the time they have available to carry out these activities is usually greater, in addition, to be a preventive measure for when the peak season arrives.

If what you want to know is when to travel to Cancun to enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation, read on and discover everything about the low season in Cancun.

low season in cancun

When is the low season in Cancun?

The low season in Cancun can be divided into three times of the year, and as you have to suppose, they must be times when most people are working or studying, which makes traveling to Cancun more relaxing and peaceful.

Cancun low season
The first low season in Cancun is at the beginning of the year, between January and March, and this is due to the climate in the place since it is not as hot as on other dates. This means that the beginning of the year is always the most relaxing time for hotels, and the few tourists who visit the city get an almost exclusive service.

The other season to travel is just after Easter ending in June, just before the summer holidays in many countries around the world. This time of year is good for those who want the tranquility of the trip and at the same time get a tan. Those who prefer low seasons almost always prefer to travel at this time.

The last low season in Cancun is just after the summer holidays until almost mid-December, and this is due to two reasons: it is one of the times with the most rainfall in the area and hurricanes. Do not worry about the latter, since Cancun is well prepared for this type of event.

Advantages of the low season in Cancun

Low seasons in all parts of the world where tourism is of great importance always have a series of advantages, which many of the tourists who like to travel are fully aware of. But for those who don’t, here is a list of them:

The rates of the hotels and other tourist packages are much lower, perfect for those who want to spend less and enjoy to the fullest. In addition, many hotels often give gifts during these times or allow guests to enjoy luxury suites for the same price as a regular suite.

If you are one of those who want to relax on the sand without the bustle of the people around you, this time is perfect since the beaches of Cancun are almost empty. The number of tourists is so low that you will be able to enjoy almost exclusive beaches for you and your family on several occasions.

You will be able to enjoy all the attractions and services of the hotel without having to wait in long lines, which for many is something important since wasting time is not an option when you are in places like Cancun.
Security in tourist places increases since, as there are fewer crowds of people in the same place, security personnel are more attentive to details and thieves think twice before trying to do their thing.

Types of trips in low season in Cancun
Although traveling in the off-season can seem like a relaxing thing to do in terms of planning, it shouldn’t be taken lightly since, just like in high season, a lot of planning must be made before you can choose your final destination. When you travel to Cancun it is necessary to take into account the following tips in order to enjoy 100% of the experience that this place gives you.

Look for offers everywhere: In the low season is where you will get the most offers in Cancun, since hotels will seek to attract the largest number of tourists, so you should always be attentive to all the offers you get and compare them with the high season, in order to know if it’s worth it.
Plan ahead: To travel to Cancun it is best to plan well in advance, and more if you want to know all the emblematic places. Take into account all the details when planning and you can fully enjoy your trip.

Choose high season destinations: In Cancun, there are many hotels, and the best ones are always more in demand in the high season. Always look for these places to enjoy, since you can enjoy them in the best possible way without so many people around you.
Use technological tools: Because Cancun is one of the best-known tourist places in the world, they have been adapting to new technologies and that is an advantage for those looking to travel in the low season. Check the social networks of Cancun, look for applications that always alert you about offers and when it is low season in Cancun.

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Summarizing all the above, the low seasons in Cancun are 3:

January to March
May to June (After the Easter holidays and before the Summer holidays)
September to November
Of course, this same rule applies in the Riviera Maya, because let’s remember that it is part of the Cancun vacation experience and just as there is low season, let’s not forget to avoid the “Cancun high season”.

So now that you know when it is low season in Cancun, it is time to know all the things you can do, see, and where to go. To know some of them, click here right now.

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