Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

Swimming with dolphins in Cancun is a very safe practice in the area, both for dolphins and visitors. There are several places within the city that offer this service with different packages for all budgets, don’t stop living this rewarding adventure.

swim with dolphins in cancun

Many of the tourists who visit Cancun come looking for a new experience for the whole family, and make their vacation better than they dreamed of it; For that, Cancun has the most fantastic dolphins.

Where to swim with dolphins in Cancun

Swimming with dolphins is an activity suitable for the whole family. However, it is recommended that children are accompanied by an adult at all times. The most important thing when choosing where you will swim with the beautiful dolphins is to ensure that it is a suitable and legal place that meets all the requirements, so we do not contribute to animal exploitation.

Taking into account the aforementioned, there are other things that you should keep in mind when approaching these animals; Remember to follow the rules of the establishment, pay attention to the guide, do not enter the water with metal objects, watches, earrings, chains or other objects that could harm the dolphin, do not use chemicals such as sunscreen or repellants so that you do not contaminate their water.
Now, discover some of the funniest and safest places to do this practice. The amount of how much it costs to swim with dolphins varies depending on the company and the package you hire, now, let’s get started!

Delphinus Cancun

As a first suggestion to swim with dolphins is the magnificent Delphinus. Delphinus has seven sanctuaries throughout the Riviera Maya, they have an incredible conservation system for dolphin, and their animal welfare program is based on providing them preventive medicine, balanced nutrition, positive training, fostering social groups among dolphins, rest, and stimulation; this to provide them with the best quality of life and health.

swim with dolphins in cancun

They offer various services such as diving, which lasts 25 minutes. Additionally, you will have time to interact with these lovely animals; play with them, caress them and get to know them a bit more, there are other packages where you can swim with them, or learn about their anatomy and their habitat, most of the activities can be done in pairs or groups.

Dolphinaris Park Cancun

Dolphinaris Park is one of the most visited parks in Cancun for those who want to experience swimming with dolphins. Over the years, it has become one of the most important tourist spots in the city. It is located in the Hotel Zone, it is one of the best places to swim with dolphins in the entire area.

dolphinaris park cancun

Dolphinaris Park is All-inclusive; This means that you can take advantage of the whole day enjoying the attractions of the park. They have an incredible area where you can have lunch. Also, they have several incredible packages for swimming with dolphins; one of them, and the most famous, is called the Dolphin Swim Program; it gives you an hour in which you can be close to the dolphins, interact with them, caress them and even learn to communicate with them.

Xcaret Cancun
The Xcaret group has one of the most important eco-parks in the Riviera Maya. One of the activities offered to its visitors is an unforgettable encounter with dolphins. In this place, you can interact with them on a shallow platform, receive a fin salute and even kisses.

All packages offer extra free time with the dolphins to interact, life jackets, use of towels, and a locker. Also, you can get a discount when you buy the tickets in advance. All their packages can be enjoyed as a couple or in groups, ideal for families.

swim with dolphins in xcaret

Interactive Aquarium Cancun

As its name says, it is a fun interactive aquarium that is located in the incredible Shopping Plaza La Isla. It has more than 1,195 marine species in the enclosure. The place is ideal for those who are attracted to marine fauna, who want to come into direct contact with nature or are looking for a fun and educational family outing.

The most curious thing about this aquarium is being able to interact with marine animals. In the place, there are sharks, rays, crocodiles, marine sponges, corals, among others. At the aquarium, there are also performances and exhibitions of the marine life found in the pools.

interactive aquarium cancun

Swimming with dolphins is a very popular activity at the Interactive Aquarium in Cancun. In the aquarium, there are tours for small groups, large groups, couples, and families. The tour lastsĀ  40 minutes -1 hour; Throughout the walk, you will be able to take photos, caress them, get to know these adorable little animals up close, and swim with them.

As you can see in Cancun and the Riviera Maya there are many places where you can live the experience of swimming with dolphins and if you have never done this activity, what are you waiting for?

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