The 5 best hostels in Cancun

Hostels in Cancun are another tourist attraction for people who do not have such a high budget, those who are always traveling and living day by day In this Caribbean paradise, you can find a wide variety of hostels, of all sizes, colors, and shapes. The vast majority of hostels in Cancun downtown are the cheapest and recommended, but there is another set that is considered high quality

hostels in cancun

In the world, there are many types of tourists, from those who always look for the most expensive services to those who want to enjoy a trip as simple as possible. For the latter, traveling implies a very different enjoyment from other groups, they are people who live from life and from the moment, and for that reason, they will always need good places to sleep and rest. Hotels, no matter how cheap they are, will always be expensive and that is why hostels exist.

If you are ever going to visit Cancun, you should take a look at the next top of the best hostels in Cancun.

The 5 best hostels in Cancun

To consider the best hostels in Cancun, you just need to listen to the travelers who have spent their nights enjoying the services it offers; to be able to realize that there will always be several who are named for providing a high quality of service. Therefore, here we bring you the list of the best 5 hostels in Cancun.

Moloch Hostel & Suites

One of the best hostels you can get in all of Cancun since its wide variety of activities and the beauty with which they have decorated every corner of the place makes the place an attraction for those who want to spend a good day in a super cheap place. Among its activities, we can find yoga classes, walks on the beaches, and karaoke at night to enjoy with friends or other guests.

What also stands out about this place are its rooms, which adapt to your needs, finding from wide spaces where up to 8 people can sleep; to female-only rooms. And all this while providing you with television services, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and attention during most of the day.

moloch hostel suites cancun

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Selina Cancun Downtown

Selina Cancun Downtown has gained worldwide fame and is one of the favorite places for adventurers from all over who come to Mexico. Located in the downtown area of ​​the city, it offers an unparalleled experience for those who stay, with colorful decoration and a relaxing atmosphere that will leave you floating in the clouds.

It also has free Wi-Fi service, and its rooms are the ones that host the most people, having the largest from room to fourteen guests at the same time. But for those traveling alone, it also has rooms with private bathrooms for your enjoyment. Without a doubt, it is one of the best hostels you can in Cancun.

selina cancun downtown

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La Casa de Los Alcatraces

Some adventurers always travel with their pets, be they cats or dogs, since for them it is part of their family and a faithful friend whom they cannot leave alone, that is why finding hostels in Cancun that accept animals is very difficult, but between the few that have the Pet-Friendly policy, Capital O La Casa de Los Alcatraces is one of the best service providers.

Its relaxed atmosphere and full of activities to share makes it the perfect place to come to vacation with your furry friend. With excellent room services, ideal for groups or individuals, in addition to having a swimming pool and common areas where people gather to celebrate; be it with a BBQ or drinking relaxed with the sun tanning your body.

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Nomads Boutique Hotel

If what you like is spending time enjoying with people no matter what it looks like, then this place is perfect for you. With a unique decoration within the world of hostels, its design suggests that you are more in a hotel than in a hostel, and this is what draws so much attention to adventurers. It is a stop for the nomads of the world, a rest in the paradise of the Caribbean.

It has group rooms where the beds are bunk beds, attached to the walls for and having divisions between each space, as well as a curtain to give privacy to each guest. Its spaces are wide, and it has a hostel where parties and meetings are organized between each of those who stay.

nomads hostel in cancun

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Wayak House

Many times we find beautiful places, but somewhat far from the tourist sites, something that is taken into account when choosing where to stay. That is why this hotel is one of the most touristic in the city since its location makes many want to stay for more than one night.

But for those who just want to relax it has a jacuzzi where you can enjoy a beautiful view and a good drink. Its rooms are usually shared, but for those who want more privacy, they have a suite with a jacuzzi, ideal for couples who always travel together to hostels in Cancun or anywhere in the world.

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If you are looking for cheap accommodations in Cancun, these are the 5 best hostels in Cancun that we recommend. Enjoy your vacation!

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