The 5 best hotels for kids in Cancun

Whenever a family trip to Cancun is planned, better hotels for children in Cancun must be taken into account, especially when these give you moments of full fun for the little ones in the house. That is why you should always know how to choose your destination and Cancun is one of the best places to bring the whole family to enjoy an excellent vacation that you will never forget.

There are many family hotels in Cancun, specialized in providing a series of services for all members, even the smallest of the house. In these hotels the number of activities to have fun is greater than the rest, since their main guests are usually the little ones at home, making their activities much more varied.

In this article you will be able to find out which are the best hotels for children in Cancun, those that stand out above the rest for all the services and attractions that kids will enjoy,  making them a vacation that they will never forget.

In the hotel zone of Cancun there are many resorts that provide the best vacation experiences that any child wants to have, and that is why here we are going to leave you the list of the 5 best hotels for children in Cancun, those that stand out from the rest and that for many Tourists are the best to spend a good time with the family.

Paradisus Resort

The first on the list is one of the best all-inclusive hotels for children and adults alike, offering an infrastructure and a series of services that will keep all members of the family busy at all times. Its 5 interconnected pyramids have more than 600 rooms that will give you a beautiful view of the beach that lies at its feet, enjoying the wonderful Caribbean Sea that stretches across the horizon.

It has clubs for the children where professional and qualified personnel will be in charge of doing an innumerable series of activities that will keep them busy; but it also has slides and swimming pools for everyone to enjoy. For adults it also has free-child areas, where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation without the presence of the little ones.

paradisus resort cancun

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Crown paradise club

If you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy with your children at an affordable price, this resort is the perfect place to bring the family. Its main attraction is the water park that is located on site, where you can enjoy its various slides without age limits. It also has other attractions such as mini, tennis court, children’s clubs, gym, among many others to enjoy with the family.

It is an all-inclusive hotel that has more than 600 rooms with ocean views, each with a marble floor, private bathrooms and in some cases, for the most luxurious suites, they have a Jacuzzi and a minibar. It is a perfect place for the little ones and young people of the house to fully enjoy.


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Hard Rock Hotel

One of the best hotels for children in Cancun and the ideal one for those who like to enjoy a quality place with the best all-inclusive services in this place. It is a perfect place for children to enjoy in many ways, especially for those who like music and play a special instrument, since it has exclusive music with its instruments, rooms to practice and even record a little of the works. musicals.

The whole place is suitable with a rock theme that will be the enjoyment of many, and has other services such as outdoor activities and swimming pools for different ages. Its rooms have balconies to enjoy a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea and the entire hotel. It also has restaurants that bring special menus for children, with a wide variety of dishes ready for the little ones.

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Panama Jack Resorts

Many hotels focus on certain types of tourists, some provide exclusive services for adults only, and others specialize in the whole family. In the latter, this very special resort in Cancun enters, and it is made for families to fully enjoy. From its rooms that have been suitable for large groups of people to stay, to its activities and restaurants that focus on offering everything for large families.

It has a children’s club

called Camp Jack, where the little ones in the house can enjoy all kinds of activities in the water park, squash courts and other types of events that will keep them busy. It is a special place where the family can spend the best vacations.

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Iberostar Cancun

One of the best hotels for children in Cancun with all inclusive for the family and the little ones in the house, since it has a large number of specialized areas for children to enjoy on their trips. With tennis and golf courts, they can do outdoor activities, as well as enjoy a good swim in the water park that there is, which includes a pirate ship with sculptures of sharks around it, to give a greater feeling that you are in the caribbean sea.

Its rooms have a view of the sea that will always surprise you in the mornings, and in its restaurants you can find all kinds of good and varied food for all ages. They always have shows for the whole family, and daily activities so you don’t get bored at any time.

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As you can see, these hotels will make your children have a great time and if you are looking for another type of accommodation, we invite you to read our article on hotels with sea view.

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