The Best Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

Restaurants in Playa del Carmen are found in every corner, and although there is a great variety of places to eat delicious food while you are visiting, they all have peculiarities that make them different from the rest and that you will definitely want to devour. The entire menu thanks to its unmatched seasoning.

Famous for its beaches full of palm trees, Playa del Carmen has a wide list of varied restaurants where you can find one that suits your tastes, needs, and budgets; while still consuming the freshest and best-prepared foods that your palate can imagine. And if you are not close to the region, you can book a transfer to Playa del Carmen from Cancun and come and enjoy its delicious cuisine.

The Best Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

If you like to travel, you know that the best way to get to know the place is through its culture, and above all its gastronomy; When you find yourself in a coastal city like Playa del Carmen, it is essential to take a small gastronomic route, which of course includes seafood and unbeatable Mexican food.

To facilitate your search for the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen, we have created a small list with some recommendations that you can take into account, perfect for food lovers. If you are ready for an incredible dining experience, continue with us.

Los Hijos del Mar

We start the list with a beautiful restaurant that began as an undertaking by young people passionate for good food, and which currently has a score of 4 out of 5 on the TripAdvisor platform. As its name suggests, it is a place that specializes in fish and seafood; It also has an incredible and friendly staff that provides excellent service.

In this restaurant, fresh flavors abound in each of their dishes, they are also well known for their secret sauce that undoubtedly adds a delicious flavor to their fish sashimi on high demand. On its menu, a delicious marlin paté stands out, a very crunchy toast full of spicy fresh fish accompanied by a classic and refreshing michelada.

This pleasant restaurant is open every day of the week from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Calle 30 between Calle 26 and Calle 24 in the heart of Playa del Carmen.

los hijos del mar restaurante playa del carmen

Almirante Pech

Almirante Pech is one of the luxury restaurants in Playa del Carmen that you should not miss. This beautiful and highly recognized restaurant has a rating of 4.4 on TripAdvisor that has a fascinating appearance of a tropical tavern; It is located on 5th Avenue and 32nd street in Playa del Carmen.

This restaurant is characterized by its very juicy food portions offered to the guests. Their Mexican food dishes continually attract countless people who are looking to taste traditional Yucatecan food.
This restaurant presents live DJ shows which you can witness while enjoying a delicious cocktail, if you aks the bartender you can even customize your own drink.

almirante pech playa del carmen restaurant

Puerto del Mar

Located in the Arco Vial between 115 Av. Sur and Prolongación 85 in Playa del Carmen is Puerto del Mar, this incredible restaurant in Playa del Carmen has an excellent variety of fascinating international food; In addition, it has an architectural space totally inspired by the tropical style of the Riviera Maya.

This restaurant is dedicated to families, in its menu, you will find alternatives for all tastes, from very simple meals for children to highly elaborated seafood dishes; and a perfectly balanced house cocktail proposal that you can hardly miss. This restaurant has 4.4 points on the TripAdvisor platform.

food at puerto del mar restaurant playa del carmen

Aldea Corazón

Gastronomy experts call them “the sensation”, this oasis is located on the 5th avenue of Playa del Carmen between 14th and 15th streets; They have a magical and relaxing atmosphere that recreates an important part of the entire Riviera Maya, such as the cenotes and the jungle that surrounds them. This restaurant creates the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.

Its menu is very varied, among its most popular dishes is the tender corn cream and the fillet in poblano pepper sauce, its section of Mexican food is indisputably delicious. I recommend you its crispy tortillas as a starter, this restaurant has an incredible score of 4.5 on the TripAdvisor platform.

aldea corazon playa del carmen

La Cueva del Chango

If you want a quiet, pleasant environment surrounded by vegetation, you will find it at La Cueva del Chango, this restaurant is set to make you feel in the middle of the jungle; The restaurant has a 4.5 score on the TripAdvisor platform thanks to its delicious food.

Among natural juices, fresh fruit, and Mexican dishes this place is an excellent option for breakfast time, they also have delicious vegetarian and vegan options, La Cueva del Chango is located on Calle 30 Norte between 5ta avenida and Mar Col Zazil Ha.

la cueva del chango playa del carmen

La Tarraya

Located in front of the sea and on the soft sands of downtown Playa del Carmen is La Tarraya, a beautiful restaurant that has a charming and relaxed Caribbean atmosphere that has more than 50 years of experience offering a first quality service with a price in perfect relation to quality and with a score of 4.4.

It is one of the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen in which you can even see how the fishermen take the catch of the day to the restaurant to take it directly to your table, guaranteeing that it is totally fresh, the fajitas are an excellent option if you want a little of Mexican food. We suggest opting for a breaded fish, a delicious shrimp cocktail, or some incredible fish tacos, for a few dollars you can accompany your meal with the music of the mariachis that are there.

la tarraya playa del carmen
Without a doubt, eating in Playa del Carmen will not only be a real pleasure for your palate, but it will also be for your eyes with the facilities of these incredible places. Are you ready to visit us?

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