¿What to do in Bacalar?

Are you looking for what to do in Bacalar? Stay with us and discover some of the many activities that you can do in this charming magical town in Quintana Roo, and that will surely leave you wanting to visit it again. So let’s start our exciting travel guide to Bacalar.

Before starting to enjoy all the attractions that this place has, you should know that Bacalar is a Magical Town located in Quintana Roo; and it is also the oldest town in the entire state; known for its impressive colorful waters and its kind and relaxing atmosphere. Although Bacalar is not full of All-inclusive Resorts, it offers gorgeous accommodations.

What to do in Bacalar?

what to do in bacalar
The Southern part of Quintana Roo is an impressive natural paradise, very different from the huge tourist complexes and recreational centers located in the north part. This place is known as Bacalar or “The Lagoon of the 7 Colors”, and you may have already heard of it.

Although the great tourist attraction of this place is in its lagoon which has beautiful tones; Bacalar has much more to offer its visitors. If you are ready to fall in love with this magical town, then let’s get started.

Visit the Seven Colors Lagoon 

One of the places to go in Bacalar and with which we will start our list is clearly the Laguna de Los Siete Colores; Its beautiful crystalline waters and calm atmosphere have made it one of the most important tourist attractions in Bacalar, and one that you should not miss.

7 colors lagoon

It owes its name thanks to the different shades of blue that can be seen in its waters and that vary according to the depth of the area, the light, and the time of day; Although it only measures 2 × 42 kilometers, it is enough to fall you in love once you arrive at the place; And of course, once you’re there, you can’t stop taking a refreshing bath.

The lagoon has several points for sightseeing: however the most popular are:

Pirates Channel.
Birds Island
Cenotes, the most popular is the Cenote de la Bruja.

Paddle Board or Kayak

One of the funniest activities to do in Bacalar is to rent a kayak and tour the lagoon; Thanks to its shallow depth and the absence of waves, it is an ideal plan for anyone due to its low risk; You will not need previous experience either, so you just have to encourage yourself to try it.

If you stay at any of the hotels in the area, they probably have kayak service; If not, you can rent the equipment, somewhere in the city, restaurants, and beach clubs.

Another activity that you cannot miss while you are in the lagoon is paddle boarding; As kayaking, most of the hotels in the area offer this activity; however, they do it at specific times because they are practiced in a group.

Sailboat ride

One of the things that should definitely be on your things to do in Bacalar list is to take a sailboat ride on the lagoon; Besides being exciting and fun, one of the advantages of the sailing trip, like many of the activities that are practiced in the lagoon, is that it does not pollute; unlike motorboats.

This activity can be done in the morning to see the sunrise from a privileged place or at the end of the afternoon; both are worth it.

sailing bacalar

San Felipe Fort

This is one of the main places to see in Bacalar, and it is located right between the lagoon and the main square; so it’s pretty easy to locate. This fort was built in the middle of the 17th century to protect the population of Bacalar from possible pirate attacks due to its proximity to Belize, an English colony.

Although the fort is small, inside there is a museum and it keeps an interesting history, with an impressive mural that you will surely want to see; In addition to this, it has an impressive lagoon view. Next to the fort, you will also find a small but comforting garden where you can rest, get refreshing ice cream or some snacks.

san felipe fort bacalar

 Cenote Azul

Just 5 minutes from the center of Bacalar a magnificent Cenote Azul is located; Its name is due to the impressive intense blue color of its waters that stand out thanks to the green vegetation in the depths. This cenote is huge; It is 100 meters deep, so we recommend that you visit it with a guide and follow his instructions all the time; if you do it on your own take all necessary precautions.

To get to the cenote you must do it through a restaurant; in which you can also eat or drink something at the end of your adventure; or before starting, so that you have enough energy to spend a great time.

cenote azul bacalar

Cenote la Bruja

The cenotes were seen by the Mayans as a mystical place; because of this, they revered them as the gateways of their Gods to the earthly plane; and although the scientific and geological explanations are not so fascinating, the majority of cenotes still preserve those flashes of mysteries at least in their names; as is this cenote.

It is located quite close to the Seven Colors Lagoon and can be easily distinguished from it, thanks to the difference in colors between the dark blue of the cenote and the turquoise blue of the lagoon. Beautiful lotus flowers grow over the waters of the cenote and below it; Divers and snorkelers can observe and admire the beauty of its walls covered with vegetation, mangrove roots, and much-multicolored fish.

cenote la bruja bacalar

This is just a small list of all the things that can be done in Bacalar and without a doubt, exploring all these things you will find many more that will impress you.

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