Where to shop in Cancun

People come to Cancun from different countries; and with them, new styles and cultures. This is a place that has a significant influence on fashion and trends; That is why it is common to see shops and venues crowded with tourists seeking to satisfy their varied tastes.

Where to shop in Cancun

Besides being an incredible place to go sightseeing, Cancun is also characterized by its shopping malls and the diversity of stores that each one has; Where you can get from internationally renowned stores in the world of fashion to national stores that offer the best quality products.

In Cancun, there are stores for all tastes and budgets. The important thing is that you don’t leave here without a gift for yourself or your loved ones, that reminds you of your wonderful adventure in the Riviera Maya.

Shopping La Isla

It is one of the most visited shopping malls in the Cancun hotel zone,  and is located on the shores of the Nichupté lagoon; It has an ecological design with open areas and interiors with water channels, it is considered one of the main shopping malls in Cancun due to the large number of international stores that you will find there.

Shopping La Isla also has a fairly large section of jewelry and national and regional stores with affordable prices. During your visit to this shopping find an amazing gastronomic area, which ranges from conventional fast food to luxury restaurants and cafes.

la isla shopping mall

Plaza las Americas

This shopping mall is characterized by being one of the largest in all of Cancun,  you will find restaurants, a game area, and of course, a wide variety of stores, ideal if you are looking to buy clothes. This place is so huge that it has a customer service area to help you locate any store you request, it offers a wide variety of local craft stores ideal for getting souvenirs.

Plaza las Américas houses a large number of stores with quite competitive prices compared to other places. So you will have many options where you can make price and product comparisons, its structure is very friendly and spacious.

plaza las americas cancun shopping mall

Market 28

Without a doubt, Mercado 28 cannot be missing from our list of places to shop in Cancun. This is a popular market in the area, where you will really get everything and for all tastes at incredible prices; Especially those pieces of Mexican origin made by hand, if you are looking for jewelry or where to buy authentic crafts in Cancun, this is the right place.

This is one of the busiest places in all of Cancun and one of the favorites for most tourists. Visiting the market is not only a place to go shopping, visiting Mercado 28 is quite an experience, the service in this place is friendly and the vendors are usually very kind to the public.

market 28 cancun

Coral Negro Mall

It is located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, near the nightclub area. Coral Negro is a fairly traditional place where most of its aisles have regional stores that offer handicrafts and handmade products at really low prices.

If you are looking for Where to shop in Cancun typical Mexican clothes, you should take a walk through Coral Negro. Many of the businesses are run by their own owners, you will be able to get a lot of offers along your walk if your plans include the search for where to buy in Cancun for family and friends this is the ideal place.

coral negro cancun hotel zone market
This is just a small list of the many places where you can go shopping in the city of Cancun and we are sure that if you dare to visit both the hotel zone and the center, you will be surprised by everything you can find.

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