Cancun Weather

Understand what the weather is like in Cancun is the knowledge that you should have before packing your bags and starting the trip. This city has the best spaces to have fun and relax, but above all with beautiful beaches that attract tourists from every corner of the world to its shores.

cancun weather

All travelers who visit the Riviera Maya come searching warm days to fill up with energy and with lots of sun to take home a nice tan as a souvenir of their wonderful vacations in the Mexican Caribbean, or to show off those beautiful bathing suits that they wear. some time saved.

How is the weather in Cancun
Cancun has a semi-tropical climate, which is generally variable; There are even those who say that Cancun’s weather cannot be reliably predicted for more than a week. Despite this, it never hurts to plan your trip for one of the months with more atmospheric stability.

During a few times of the year, heavy rains are forecast over the city of Cancun; However, you should keep in mind that although a rainy day is a forecast, it does not mean that your beach day will be ruined. As we mentioned earlier, the climate in this place can change rapidly; If you want to know what the weather is like in Cancun and what is the best season to visit the city, stay with us.

Being a semi-tropical place, its average temperature is relatively warm; humidity is usually very high in the area during most of the year. The average temperature during the summer is between 29º C and 32º C, an ideal temperature to enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities. The best months to enjoy this climate are between June and August.

The coolest season in Cancun begins in December and lasts until March. Having during these months an average daily temperature lower than 28º C. The coldest month of the year is January, the average temperature can reach 20º C and a maximum of 27º C.

Rainy season
Most of the year Cancun has very sunny days. However, it is normal to see some rain, the rainy season in the city of Cancun arrives in May and then returns for the month of October. If you intend to travel during these months you should not worry, normally a heavy downpour is accompanied by a bright sun a few hours later.

The weather in this city is strange, you could find yourself in the center of the city under a great downpour while a few kilometers away you enjoy a beautiful clear sky and a bright sun. So don’t worry, the rain rarely comes to stay in this paradise.

Hurricane season
Officially the hurricane season in Cancun is between the months of June to October; This season intensifies between September and October, but you don’t have to worry about it either; During these months life goes on normally in the city because the chance of seeing a hurricane is really very low.

This season is usually a benefit for those who want to save money because it is the low season and prices tend to drop in the same way. There is very little chance that your vacation will be damaged by a hurricane; Similarly, hotels have security and emergency protocols, although it is most likely that you will only come across a few heavy rains.

The humid months in Cancun begin in mid-March and last until mid-December, which means that you will get humidity in the city for most of the year. This does not become an unbearable situation, the wettest month of all of them is the month of September.

The best months to visit Cancun
Now that we have mentioned to you what the climate is like in Cancun, that although strange and changeable it is a mostly wonderful climate, warm and with a bright sun most of the year; you must take into account the best dates to plan your trip.

In Cancun you are welcome throughout the year, there really is no “bad” time in this city of the Riviera Maya; so don’t worry about the weather. It is necessary that you bear in mind that if you want to run into the least amount of gray clouds and completely avoid the rain, the ideal months are from January to April. These are also very humid months, but you can cool off in the sea.

If you want to know what the climate of Cancun is like during the cooler months to visit the Riviera Maya coast, you can go from the end of December to the end of March; in those months the temperature ranges between 18º C and 27º C.

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