The best beach clubs in Isla Mujeres

Visiting the beach clubs in Isla Mujeres is one of the main tourist activities that are recommended from the first moment you set foot on the island, we are sure that you have heard about these places and how fun they are, and for your luck, Isla Mujeres is full of them.

Beach clubs are a trend in the Mexican Caribbean, they have been the favorite places for both tourists and locals looking for fun by the sea for several years; If you want to know a little more about beach clubs stay with us!

The best beach clubs in Isla Mujeres
A beach club is nothing more than a place that has facilities and services very similar to those hotels in Isla Mujeres, except for not being able to stay; It means that in these places you can enjoy all its comforts and its environment throughout the day; There are also many beach clubs dedicated to the family with slides, a play area, and wading pools.

Beach clubs are a fun environment that generally has a resident DJ, who is in charge of playing the music; many of the beach clubs also usually invite renowned international DJs.

One of the main advantages of beach clubs is being able to have a private area within the place, the beach clubs mostly have a pool, comfortable chairs, low beds for the sand, and many other amenities. Now that you know a little more about some of the things you can find in these incredible places, we will tell you the best beach clubs in Isla Mujeres.

Playa Indio Beach Club

One of the things that characterize this beach club from the rest is its cozy and private atmosphere, dedicated to all the family members, this beautiful place is located on the seashore, a beautiful and quiet place where the whole family can swim, its waters are so calm and transparent that they resemble a natural pool.

In addition to its landscape and its atmosphere, it is the food they serve in their Capitán Dulche’s bar & restaurant; all its ingredients are fresh and fresh from the sea. Although they specialize in seafood and fish, you cannot stop ordering their delicious pork with wine or trying the house guacamole.

playa indio beach club

This beach club is open from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Garrafón de Castilla Beach Club

In the southern area of ​​Isla Mujeres you will find the Garrafón de Castilla Beach Club, a very cheap beach club, but not for that is less pretty or pleasant, the beach is totally public; however, the beach club staff strives to provide you with personalized attention.

Garrafón de Castilla Beach Club is a beach club on Isla Mujeres that has live music at night and with which you will not stop dancing. They also offer open bar service with cocktails at the beach club that you should not miss trying. Similarly, if cocktails are not your thing; they also have a wide variety of international spirits.

garrafon de castilla isla mujeres beach club

Mayan Beach Club Restaurant & Tequileria

This beach club works for any type of event, such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and even Day pass in Isla Mujeres that you can book from its website, it has a varied menu and packages, which make it one of the most requested.

They have a very extensive menu in which you will find everything from omelets and French bakery for breakfast; even fish in coconut milk, soup, and pasta for dinner. At the Mayan Beach Club Restaurant & Tequileria, you can also make a reservation for a romantic dinner.

mayan beach club isla mujeres

Punta Blanca Beach Club

On the most famous beach of Isla Mujeres, this beach club in North Beach will welcome you with the most turquoise waters of the entire Mexican Caribbean, a few steps from the center, this beach club is the ideal place for you to enjoy a day on the island. Women to the fullest, the entrance to the club include buffet-style food and an open bar.

This is an exclusive club, which also has a truly unmissable view from the lounge chairs to the Caribbean Sea. The club has private areas with palapa roofs surrounded by plants; The menu of this beach club in Isla Mujeres is very extensive and although they specialize in seafood, their ceviche is a must; do not hesitate to try any of the different cuts of meat that they offer.

punta blanca beach club isla mujeres

During your visit to Isla Mujeres, do not hesitate to come to one of these beach clubs. By the way, do you already know what to do and see in Isla Mujeres? Enter and discover everything here: What to do in Isla Mujeres.

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