Tiburon Beach Isla Mujeres

Tiburon (Shark in English) Beach Isla Mujeres is one of the many options that you will find on the island, in which you can spend a day surrounded by the beautiful landscape that this island offers its visitors and all the tranquility is perceived there.

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the favorite vacation destinations of many people around the world, and it is because, in addition to the friendliness of the locals; Quintana Roo has beautiful and paradisiacal beaches, capable of leaving you impressed and speechless from the first moment you see them.

Tiburon Beach Isla Mujeres

Over the years, Isla Mujeres has managed to attract more and more tourists interested in its history, in walking its streets, and of course; bathe in the beautiful and warm waters that characterize the beaches of Isla Mujeres. And, although Quintana Roo is full of wonderful beaches, they are all different from each other and each one of them has a particularity that makes them worth visiting.

Although Isla Mujeres is a very small island (only 8 kilometers long), it has many of the most spectacular beaches that you will be able to see; One of them, and which we want to tell you about this time, is known as “Playa Tiburon”. If you have your suitcase ready, you want to know where Playa Tiburon is and a little about it, continue with us.

How to get to Playa Tiburon

Being such a small island, the truth is that knowing how to get to Playa Tiburon is not very complicated; Well, you should start with locating yourself on the island, no matter where you are in Quintan Roo, you will have to do it from the ferry terminals that are in Cancun; from which you can even travel with your vehicle.

While on the island you can reach your destination on foot, by taxi or by golf cart, a very common means of transport in the place. Once you decide how to transport yourself, you will have to do it until the Sac Bajo road, exactly on the west side of this beautiful island.

Things to do in Playa Tiburon

Although this is not one of the most famous beaches on Isla Mujeres, when you get to it you will realize that this has many benefits; Also, you will come across several things to do in Playa Tiburones, some of them are:

To swim

If you are looking for a slightly quieter place, this is the ideal beach for you; You can even take Sharks Beach as your escape from the crowds, but it is no less beautiful than the rest of the beaches for this. The water on this beach is exceptionally calm, which makes it ideal for the little ones in the house. The waters of this place are so calm and with practically non-existent waves, that it has been compared to a natural pool.

Swim with the sharks

One of the things to do in Playa Tiburón Isla Mujeres and which has become one of its main attractions is swimming with catsharks, which are found in a space on the beach and with which you can interact accompanied by the responsible for the place.


Just as along Isla Mujeres, being in Playa Tiburon you cannot stop eating in its great restaurant, where you will be served a delicious lunch sitting in front of the sea, while you enjoy the wonderful view or where you can buy some snacks for your way. back.


The beach has several stalls, where you can buy some souvenirs; like the classic seashell jewelry handmade by the locals. On certain days, you can also meet women who will braid your hair with any model you want, or will give you a henna tattoo of your choice.

Where to eat in Playa Tiburon

If there is something that we should not overlook in any of our trips, it is to venture into the local gastronomy, try new dishes, different recipes and learn a little more about the place in which we find ourselves through its food. Playa Tiburon has an iconic restaurant that you should not miss, if you are looking for one of the best places to eat in Playa Sharks, we will leave you a delicious option.

Tiburón Beach Bar Restaurant

This is the main restaurant in Playa Tiburones and through which you must enter to get to the shore of the beach; It is a very large but humble restaurant, with a warm and homely atmosphere; where in addition, they serve you in the best way you can imagine.

This restaurant in Playa Tiburon Isla Mujeres is famous for its fried Tikinxic fish, which is served with a delicious garnish; However, in its menu, you can also find everything from hamburgers to pizzas.

Despite not being a well-known beach as such, Tiburones beach is one of the beaches that you have to know and even a very popular point for tours to Isla Mujeres. So if you are on vacation in the Riviera Maya or you are staying in a hotel in Cancun, you cannot miss the opportunity to know this place.

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