Selvatica - The Adventure Kingdom is an adventure park and was the first to install and operate a full 12 zip line circuit across Mexico, since then, we have successfully reached more than 3 million visitors to the park; becoming the safest, most sophisticated aerial adventure park in America, winning the coveted World Travel Award for "best adventure park in Mexico and Latin America" ​​in 2009.

We have over 133.55 hectares of beautiful Mayan jungle, all our activities are surrounded by nature, all our tours are half day tours with the proper balance of safety, fun and excitement, witnessed by thousands of comments on Trip Advisor, where we They have been recognized as winners choice of travelers as the # 1 attraction in Cancun for 5 years and has also distinguished TripAdvisor us as one of the 10 TOP OF THE WORLD ADVENTURES.

In our park unlike others we do not allow the influx and the tours are in small groups, likewise our own transportation picks up and drops in our vans in their hotels to our guests being able to make the most personalized service and it is worth noting that we have the number highest guest tours of industry tours in the region, we have first-class activities and fine foods, such as handmade tortillas and the icing on the cake our ecological program return to the "seed of life" He has made us one of the 35 great adventures in the World




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