Discover La Isla Shopping Village

When we travel to Cancun is always to distract ourselves in a different environment from our daily routine in the city where we live and work. When we arrive, our plans are always almost unlimited and the number of places to visit and explore seems almost infinite, but we will always find in this beautiful city something that reminds us of home.

la isla shopping village

La Isla Shopping Mall

Among so many emblematic places that Cancun has, there is one that will always remind us of a great city, since for many tourists not only the beach is lived, but also sometimes it is good to walk through more crowded places, places where which in addition to enjoying some good food we can buy some souvenir of traveling to Cancun.

We refer to the malls or shopping centers, those structures that are found in any large city, and that is one of the centers for meetings with friends and casual walks to enjoy the day. Among many, there is one that is in the hotel zone and is highly recommended by locals: Plaza Isla Cancún; a shopping that shows how beautiful Cancun is.

To enjoy more about this beautiful meeting place, keep reading this article and you will see all the surprises that Plaza La Isla has in store for you.

Where is  La Isla Shopping Village?

You do not have to search much since it is located in the hotel zone and you will be able to notice it due to its great flow of tourists who pass there every day, especially in high season. To be more precise, Plaza la Isla is located at kilometer 13, about 5 minutes from most hotels, and about 10 minutes from one of the main beaches like Playa Delfínes.

What can we find in Plaza La Isla?

It is a shopping center, so you can imagine that most of the things to find are stores of different brands, both national and international. It has 162 stores throughout the place, and to be able to enjoy it to the fullest it will be better to make an itinerary because otherwise, you will spend the whole day between local and crazy seeing the infinite amount of things to buy.

Among the stores that you can find are well-known brands such as Zara, Adidas, iStore, Puma, Lacoste, The Palace Boutique, among many others; which are always sought after by tourists. Also, you will see some local stores that can only be seen in Cancun. These have gained popularity due to visitors who enjoy their wide variety of clothing or household items.

Similarly, it has a diversity of restaurants for all tastes, ranging from the most traditional that you can see in a shopping center; as is a McDonald or Burger King; even some that are more sophisticated and that are for those who enjoy a good meal; such as Taco Grill. But if you just want to experiment with crazy food a bit, this is the perfect place to start.

la isla shopping village

However, not everything is shopping and food; since for the youngest there are several places to spend a pleasant moment, such as the Aquarium; an interactive aquarium and one of the most up-to-date in the country, which has plans for the whole family and one of the most current activities: AquariumTek, an underwater walk in which for 20 minutes you can live with marine life. It also has the Cinemark for enjoying the latest movies on the big screen.

Nightlife also comes alive at Plaza La Isla Cancun; Because the premises remain open and in some restaurants they always have a live show for the enjoyment of tourists. It even has an amusement park and a huge wheel that can be seen in the distance from anywhere in the Rivera Maya, and at night it is unmistakable since it is illuminated with lilac lights that illuminate the night completely.

Another of the wonderful activities that you can enjoy in this place is the gondola ride, and it is something that we all like. A boat ride on the canal that runs through this place is a wonderful experience; and for adults, it can be a romantic and fun ride. It is one of the most emblematic events in Plaza la Isla.

Knowing Plaza la Isla, should be on your list of things to do in Cancun, and above all, if you have never swum with dolphins, here you can do it and what to say about enjoying lunch or dinner, while you watch the sun go down between the crystal clear water of the Nichupte Lagoon.

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